Beautiful light reflects the Moira River.

Saturday, December 10, 2022. Belleville ON. A cold but clear morning. The air was a little crisp at 5am. When I jumped in the vehicle this morning, it was reading -7 degrees celsius. Still above seasonal, and no snow on the ground, so can we complain? Not really. Those that like the snow might have an argument.

This morning I took a trip to Belleville, ON, to capture City Hall with the Belleville sign that’s been moved to its new location in front of City Hall. This morning’s reflections on the Moira River were beautiful with the cityscape lights.

Once the snow hits again, I plan on returning and capturing this early in the morning. I imagine the illumination of snow; it would make a beautiful photograph.

The second-morning location was at the Discover Belleville cabin in downtown Belleville, ON. The log cabin illuminated by the tree’s Christmas lights out front caught my eye.

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