Multimedia Storytelling Class

Since September, I have been a student in the Photojournalism program at Loyalist College in Belleville, ON. I absolutely love this course. I have met many great friends and peers with common interests, which has made this learning experience fun.

Looking back at the first semester in multimedia storytelling taught by journalist Rob Washburn (check out his website), I have learned valuable information to press forward in my career. Everything from creating this website to present my work to working on social media posts and graphics has been the focus of multimedia storytelling. In addition, building a personal brand, watching the stats on my pages, and seeing what posts work with my target audience have helped me build my page views up faster than before.

I intend to keep learning from the skills I have picked up from Multimedia Storytelling as I apply them to my everyday workflow. I have received tremendous support and guidance to help me along the way, and I will continue to reach out to my aid as needed with questions to drive myself further.

I am really looking forward to part two of this course in the second semester.

Please do take the time to follow me on my social networks and my blog as your engagement has helped me come so far already. Last week I obtained the Rising Creator badge on Facebook, and it’s all thanks to everyones support and helping me push through the tough algorithm.

Thank You.

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