Upcoming Foundraiser Event Hosted by STYLIN FLOW ENTERTAINMENT – FRIDAY DECEMBER 16, 2022

Stylin Flow Entertainment is back in business! Do you love hip-hop too? SF is hosting their second show since the lift of the restrictions that caused a halt to the entertainment industry. Stylin Flow Entertainment, founded by JL Prophet & Vytall, has been booking and hosting hip-hop events since 2013. 

Stylin Flow Entertainment has pulled some big acts through Belleville, ON, in recent years and has no plans of stopping anytime soon, according to Producer / DJ JL Prophet and SF Host Vytall.

Follow the Stylin Flow Entertainment Facebook page to keep up with their current updates.

Artist TRLG, formally known as ‘Swick,’ originally from Belleville, is coming home to perform. With the release of her most recent album ‘HOMECOMING,’ she’s excited to hit the stage on December 16, 2022, at the Belle Pub in downtown Belleville, ON.

Check out TRLG’s latest music video below ‘Homecoming (Produced by Sythe).’

With stage support from ‘Kendall Chase | Nelly | Chancy Chanel | Reid Curry | Ugly Tomorrow | Kotex | + more ,’ it will be a good night. 

Tickets are available for $10 at the door or get advanced tickets here. Advanced tickets get 50% off with a canned good donation. 

All food collected goes to the local food banks, and proceeds from the show go to helping a family in need during the holidays! 

D. LeClair Visuals will be at the event as the official photographer and sponsor. I hope to see many familiar and unfamiliar faces and capture moments to last a lifetime. 

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