The Morning Willow

November 23, 2022. Yesterday’s sunrise in Quinte West, Ontario, was nothing less than impressive. It’s not unexpected either on the Bay of Quinte. Home to some of the most amazing photographic sunrises and sunsets around. When I shoot locally, I have a few go-to spots that I like to revisit from time to time. The old willow tree is one of them!

With the seasonal change, the sun is shifting. Revisiting some of these previously used locations at a different time of year offers me a new look at the scene and new composition ideas.

Yesterday morning the light was very intense and orange when the sun came over the horizon. The air temps are back up above seasonal, and it almost feels like fall again.

The first thing that caught my eye when I got to the old willow was all the ice that had washed up on the shore from the warmer temperatures melting away at the little bit of ice that formed on the bay. The light was shining through it all and making it glow like the ambient light across the scene. This made for a lovely photograph, and I am proud of snapping it!

The last photograph of the series was taken from onto the Quinte West bridge that runs across the Trent Severn Waterway. This bridge is considered the gate to the Trent Severn Waterway from The Bay of Quinte. The photograph shows a beautiful sunrise with a boat on very calm waters.

Driving over the bridge on my way to school, I spotted the boat, and I had to run up the bridge on foot to capture this photograph. I love how the golden sunrise light is sitting on the water behind the tree line on the left of the picture, and the rest of the water offers a very calming and blue look.

‘The Morning Willow’ has been shared around a few groups on Facebook and other platforms and is getting a lot of engagement. I woke up this morning with a load of notifications of people sharing and liking the photograph in a few groups where it has been posted in. It’s an excellent feeling when people start seeing your work. This picture series was taken using a FE 4/24-70 Zeiss Lens on a Sony a7iii camera body.

Witch photograph is your personal favourite from the series? Let me know in the comments below the thread!

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