Tremur Lake, Quinte West, Ontario.

November 22, 2022. The sun sets even on those cloudy days. I stopped in at Tremor Lake during sunset this evening. I took a few shots at different focal lengths to try capturing things differently. I enjoy landscape photography, but I have focused more on people. I noticed tonight that I miss shooting landscapes and must make more stops.

The light in the sky this afternoon was pretty amazing. There was a glow along the horizon towards the sun for a good while today. So when I picked my son up from school at 3pm, I decided it was time to grab the camera and get out to capture some landscapes. I was going to try a few locations as I usually would but decided to stay at Tremor longer than usual. Swapping lenses and trying different things made me enjoy the scene for what it was. Usually, when I find a location, I will shoot it on one focal length at a couple compositions.

With my landscape photography, I need to slow down and think about the scene more. I need to take more time to try things through different lens focal lengths and move around the scene with the camera, trying multiple compositions.

I hope you enjoy what I captured. Slight modifications to the brightness but wanted to leave photos close to ‘As Shot’. As you can see, there’s dust on my sensor in the photos. Time for a cleaning!

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