Busking in the Sun.

November 14, 2022. A man plays a tune downtown Quinte West, Ontario just outside Scotia Bank. I was downtown working on another assignment and this man was kind enough to let me steal his photograph. I could hear music but didn’t know where it was coming from at first. I didn’t spot him until I was about ready to leave the downtown core. He really knew how to play and wasn’t shy to keep things going as I snapped some photos.

It’s important to talk to people and I didn’t get his name. I really hope I get to run into this man again, so I can find out his name and details. He was so into his instrument, that I couldn’t interrupt.

When I approached him I held my camera up in the air and asked if I could snap some shots. He gave me a nod and thumbs up. I said thank you and was on my way after stealing a few photographs. He didn’t stop playing and his music filled the downtown core.

If you know this man, please do contact me with his details so I can make sure he gets his photographs.

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